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Myth #3 ꟷ Pre-Fishing for Tournaments

Well, I have to proclaim ꟷ I'm a fishing dummy. But, I just cannot resist to stir up a hornet's nest.

I enjoy fishing. It is always a moment of solitude for me – a time of rubbing shoulders with the peace of nature. The lake is calm. There is just a slight breeze to cool the heat of the sun on my skin. My Panama hat keeps me shielded. All is right with the world.

I'm fishing a fresh water channel which has been productive for me – let's say 3 or four fish in the morning between 7 and noon. The fish are not large – a 10" largemouth bass, a yellow perch or a larger white stripped bass. But there is action. I'm a happy angler and the water treated me well.

Four days later I go back to the same channel during the same window of time, and with the same assortment of lures. Weather conditions are equal, water temperature is not different. But the outcome is. Not a nibble was to be had.

Professional fisherman say, over and over again, that fish move. They are not stationary. To me, this makes sense.

It has been observed over the millennia that lions and wildebeest, elephants and birds migrate to where the meals are. These movements are within small or massive territories. Each species has its domain. You can find elephant herds in one location one week and then the following week they are no longer there. Why should fish be any different? They are not. That concept, I believe, is a constant (or truth) of the fishing world.

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That fish will be there next week ... !

As I learn how to fish The Chain, I have been given this strategy by several experienced anglers. They are serious about competition. And they should be. They enjoy the battle, the win and, yes, probably the loss, because there is always the next time which promises first, second or third place. And those anglers who are really driven to win the prize will go out and "pre-fish" the territory – a day and sometimes a week before the next tournament, in order to determine where the fish are.

Here is my dilemma. If fish are moving, how can I be so emboldened and declare (hell, believe) that if I caught a fish under that brush, dock or moored boat yesterday, that it will be a good day tomorrow? I'll come back next week and catch this guy (or gal). Really?

Conditions change by the hour, by the day, certainly by the week. The forage may have moved.

Of course there are patterns, but a friend of mine and I fished an area on Pistakee Bay last year. It was productive. We went back this year. Same place, same month – over a 6 week period – not a single bite.

I'm not going to waste my time "pre-fishing."

This dummy also says, "The proof is in the pudding." I will let you know how my wisdom fares.

Get on the wagon. Give me some comments. Blow me out of the water…What the hell do I know?

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